Wild Arms 3

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  • Focus on upgrading Clive's ATT about 3 times as soon as possible. It is very possible to enter a fail state where you are ambushed by a certain enemy who is basically immune to damage, unless Clive has several ATT upgrades.
  • The Garden can be cheesed by going to the Baskar Inn and run through the growth timers. You can expend all your items for the highest breeding chance.
  • Your horse can jump over a certain out of the way area where monsters are way too strong to fight, but you can get enough levels to go through most of the game.
  • If a monster casts ailments or elemental attacks, and drops recovery items related to them, then they might be able to drop Personal Skills related to them.
  • Bosses in this game are generally easy. There are a lot of gimmicks and hidden weaknesses. Try all your magic on each of them.
  • You get Gimel coins by a decent drop amount after a couple bosses.
  • The radar will uncover stuff if you know about it.
  • Sleeping at inns a few times will grow your garden the fastest.