Wild Arms Alter Code: F

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  • No, you can't buy healing items in this game. Yes, there is a way to get more and you'll know when you get there.
  • Jack is pretty mediocre in this game, especially compared to how good he is in Wild ARMs 1. You'll be relying on Rudy to do big damage.
  • Only use Alter Parts on Gatling Raid or Arc Nova. They're a lot better than Rudy's other ARM cartridges. You'll have a chance to get Alter Parts after normal battles if you get the Part Scope from Puzzle Box #10, but it's rare.
  • You can recruit three more party members late in the game: Jane, Emma, and Zed . They vary in usefulness, but if you want to fight the secret bosses (or use Combination Arts at all) then you really should track them down. You can recruit Emma when you get access to Ka Dingel, but you need Zephyr's medium before recruiting Jane and you need the Defense Unit from Malduke before recruiting the last party member.
  • You unlock one of your new party member's moves by going to the Elw Dimension and paying Vassim.
  • Don't get Lock-On Destroy. It's the worst one by far since the instant kill effect doesn't work on bosses. If you want the instant kill effect that badly then just put lots of Critical skills on Jane, because all of her critical hits are instant kills anyway.
  • If you use Emma's Download on an enemy and you already have their spell, you'll get MP instead.
  • Emma's Great Booster, Jane's Follow Me and Rudy's Gatling Raid/Arc Nova are the key to beating the secret bosses late in the game.
  • You can increase Emma's attack power at the desk in her workshop if you're willing to use Alter Parts, but it's not worth it because 1 Alter Part = +1 attack.
  • If you've used Analyze on an enemy before then you can press triangle to see that enemy's data again when you're targeting them.
  • Jane will be in your party when you're on your way to Volcannon Trap, but instead of going there right away you should go north of Adlehyde and find a Rat Monkey. Use Jane to steal from them and hopefully you'll get an MP Repair skill that you can sell for 999999 gella.
  • When you're sailing around the Outer Sea you might run into a Mega Apple. Mega Apples are great because the EXP you gain is equal to (your damage - 1) x 10, so you can use Gatling Raid on them for tons of EXP. It will run away if you give it the chance and it's fairly fast, so be sure to bring Jane along for Follow Me and put an FP Advance skill on Rudy so he can use Lock On right away. Great Booster helps too, but be sure to arrange your party's attack order properly.