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  • I try to build a main party of 2 warriors, 2 rogues, and a mystic as soon as I can. But 2 mystics, 1 rogue may or may not be more optimal.
  • Your mystics are vital for setting up flanking strikes - interfuse with an object behind an enemy, and even if you whiff hitting with it, attacks from your advancing melee units become guaranteed hits. Their crowd control can also be a lifesaver.
  • Rogues are best when stealthed, as when in stealth they ignore armor, so a rogue with the "auto-stealth on kill" ability is worth its weight in gold. Lots of maps have doors to open before engaging the next set of enemies, whenever you can, take a turn to hide your rogues before opening them.
  • Between chapters, I strongly recommend getting your warriors into Linkmail (the first heavy armor upgrade) ASAP. The extra armor stat is vital for turning what would be big hits into minor chip damage. And if a warrior gets the chance to take Untouchable (ignore the first hit after a kill) as an upgrade, take it.
  • As shields only reduce non-flanking attacks by 1 damage, I prefer to use two-handed weapons on my warriors. And among those, I like axes for the armor shredding and spears for the extra reach.
  • On longer campaigns, you're not going to be able to use your early units the whole time - even if they survive, they'll get old and retire. So as you get more recruits, try to make two teams with a mix of recruits and veterans to train the newbies up so you don't end up having to fight the final chapters with a bunch of unskilled rookies.
  • In chapters that don't have a time limit, claiming all regions and searching thoroughly for upgrades is very much worth it.