World in Conflict

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  • When playing armor, don't bother with either light or medium tanks, they simply can't take damage well. Some say you can pull off flanking maneuvers with a 2 medium and 2 heavy setup or something similar, but even using that against a squad of 3 or 4 enemy heavies will get you killed.
  • Don't horde for a nuke the whole game unless you feel like it to see a big explosion. Yes, it can kill alot of units, but there are better uses for TA. If you simply must nuke the commies/capitalists though, do it where they exit their main spawn area or simply over the spawn.
  • Tankbusters. Easily the most effective TA for the price. Practice your timing and placement with these and you'll be the bane of your enemy's tank guys.
  • Airdropped tanks/transports can make for a quick capture, but won't hold points for long.
  • Coordinate armor and anti aircraft, you'll tear ass through the map.
  • DON'T FOCUS ENTIRELY ON ARTY WHEN PLAYING SUPPORT OHGODOHGODOHGOD. Anti aircraft and repair tanks are the best units for support, artillery can be had with TA for cheap.