World of Horror

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  • Have a look at the achievement list under Extras before you begin. All achievements unlock something, and there are two good store unlocks for getting a total of 20 and 25 achievements, so checking the hints for ones that look easy and getting them out of the way early will help out quite a bit.
  • Click around the graphical bits in the different areas of your apartment at the beginning of each run. There's a bit of hidden funds and a chance for a useful item if you know where to poke. It's only once per run and always the same two spots, so once you've found them, you're set.
  • The order you do your mysteries in matters a lot. The fights you do later in a run don't get any stronger (except if you get a certain random town modifier, and even then it's just an accuracy debuff.). Once you learn which mysteries have nasty un-skippable bosses, you can do those later so you have more time to level and gear up.
  • Always remember to bathe between mysteries, the free stamina/resolve recovery adds up, especially if you find an empty bottle to fill up early on.
  • While running away from a fight adds 5% to the doom timer by default, if you have to rest repeatedly to recover from a slug fest you weren't prepared for you can end up adding a lot more. Knowing when it's better to flee it can save a run.