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  • Buy dog food at Don Quixote as soon as possible (extreme South of the map)
  • You can easily miss the martial arts master who can teach you new moves: Komaki Soutarou. He is in the Purgatory park.
  • Try to complete at least once all the tournaments in the purgatory. You will gain massive money and experience.
  • Make sure to check in the options, the "press start to pass scenes" it might sounds stupid but the game is heavily narrated and dying will sometimes force you to re-watch some cutscenes.
  • Make sure to always have some Stamina X, Stamina XX and Royal with you. It can ALWAYS be useful.
  • Kotobuki Pharmacy located near the center of the map in Taihei Street sells the best health kits.
  • Controls in combat can get REALLY clunky, the backward kick learned from Komaki Soutarou will save your life, as will the R1 + X Dodging movement.
  • Some items can be used as protection like bullet proof vests or chainmail. Don't forget to equip them.
  • Yakuzas don't kill people, guns do. In the last quarter of the game, some mobsters in the enemy groups will usually be equipped with guns. Disarm them as quick as possible, otherwise you will suffer greatly and they will constantly annoy you during close combat fights.