Yakuza 5

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  • You can go back to any of the first 4 chapter's cities in the final chapter by hitching a taxi with the corresponding character.
  • The only thing missable thing before the end of the main game can be Haruka's sidestory missions because her cut off point is a bit earlier than the rest of the characters, but you can always finish those off in the post game.
  • In chapter 3, do not open any key lockers as Haruka, as she cant use the contents and her inventory is separate from the rest of the characters until post game. You can still pick them up however, as any she collects are shared with the other character in the chapter and he can use them to open the lockers.
  • When you unlock the final IF8 station, you can invest in it which at the max will give you skill points(up to 8) for redoing any of the available battles you have completed with every character(except Haruka I think.) You need these to max out your characters.
  • Don't worry too much about grinding/farming, the sidestories/quests give out more than enough exp and yen.
  • When you reach the final chapter you can go to the dojo to raise your level cap from 20 to 25.