Yakuza Kiwami

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  • The game teaches you about Kiwami heat moves in the tutorial. You're gonna have to unlock those once the game properly starts, and you want to do it literally as soon as you can. They're Essence of Extreme Beast/Brawler/Rush on the Soul board. Go grind for XP if you have to, shouldn't take long, but if you don't take these to the funeral you'll probably kick yourself.
  • Always carry Tauriner or Staminan to be able to put yourself in Heat mode during boss fights. When a boss goes into regeneration mode, you'll want to be ready to throw out a Kiwami move at a moment's notice.
  • That being said, any Heat move will cancel a boss' regeneration.
  • There's a bit of a disproportionate ratio between how much Majima shows up and how much he's involved in the plot. Keep in mind this is a remake, originally he was a fairly minor character with just three appearances (you can probably work out which as you play).