Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

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  • If you want to bother looking for cats, use a guide.
  • You can start wandering around pretty much immediately, but follow the story for a while until you unlock all the gathering tools at least. You'll accomplish this before you leave the starting biome. There's a hammer, axe, sickle, fishing pole, pickaxe, and trap.
  • You might want to make visiting each town a somewhat early priority so you can learn each crafting skill as well. Each town teaches a different craft skill.
  • Storage becomes available after renovating a farm.
  • Use your mystery tree seeds early and often. They can grow into a special tree which grows a rare type of wood which you'll need later. As well, the game gives bonuses for planting all the trees in a region, so plant in every tree plot you see ASAP. Dont feel like you need to only plant the 'correct' biome tree in each plot: you wont have the seeds for it and you will probably forget where all the plots are by the time you do. Later on once you have a bunch of every seed type, you can run around cutting down the 'wrong' trees and planting the 'right' ones, if you feel like beautifying your world.
  • Don't waste your berries on superfluous crafting until you are able to plant more of them. I remember blueberries in particular are kind of hard to get early on and they are needed for some early quests.
  • Don't ignore trading. Selling items to buy others can be way less tedious than trying to craft everything. Different types of items sell better in different areas.
  • This isn't really the kind of game where you can mess up. Everything respawns except crates and chests, and enough time & grinding will solve any problem.
  • If you're just looking to finish the game, you barely need to mess with the farming stuff at all.