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1 October 2022

N    11:03  Backworlds diffhist +933 Ahobday talk contribs (Created page with "* You don't need to finish each puzzle to finish the game / make progress, if something's not clicking there's nothing stopping you from moving on (after the short and pretty straightforward intro/tutorial) * The story is extremely minimal / light. Don't push through the puzzle gameplay of you're not enjoying it - there is only more puzzle gameplay * The white / colourless puzzles are end-game content * After the introduction there are no hints / instructions (or they...")
N    11:01  Deathverse: Let It Die diffhist +1,782 Ahobday talk contribs (Created page with "* Movement is like LID except there is no stamina to concern yourself with, so you can sprint as long as you want. This also means so can everyone else. There is also a wall jump to reach higher ledges and fall damage does not exist. * Familiarize yourself with your given weapon. The game hands you the machete to start with (which is the most straightforward weapon class of the five currently available at time of writing) and there's a training room with all sub-weapons...")
N    11:00  Symphony of War: The Nephilim Saga diffhist +1,708 Ahobday talk contribs (Created page with "* All units do full damage regardless of what rank they're in, and all units behave the same way on offense no matter where they're positioned in a squad. You can freely put heavy infantry units in the back rank to intercept rogues and assassins without compromising your offense. * Magic units will have decreased efficacy the more times they activate in a single turn. This is why your priestess seems to be healing for less and less and you're getting more nervous as an...")

29 September 2022

N    14:46  Phantom Doctrine diffhist +1,773 Ahobday talk contribs (Created page with "* Outside of missions, lone agents are vulnerable to getting ambushed, so make sure you have your agents travel in teams of two. There are some guaranteed ambushes at a few points as well, so make sure to have all your agents geared up. * You want to spread your teams around the map as much as possible so you can respond to suspicious activities fast enough to interrupt enemy ops or perform tactical recon. * Carrying agents, whether friendly or hostile, pauses their bl...")

28 September 2022

N    15:57  Sonic Adventure 2‎‎ 2 changes history +5,583 [Ahobday‎ (2×)]
15:57 (cur | prev) +35 Ahobday talk contribs
15:42 (cur | prev) +5,548 Ahobday talk contribs (Created page with "== General Advice == * Always interact with the Omochao robot by touching him (NOT grabbing him), although a lot of times he gives superfluous explanations, there are moments where he'll give extremely important information so always interact at least once when you see one. * The game's content is heavily tied to score ranking and replayability, even if you're not into 100%ing games, it is highly recommended that you at least try to replay the first missions of the sta...")

26 September 2022

N    09:50  PlateUp! diffhist +294 Ahobday talk contribs (Created page with "* To get a dishwasher, you first need a Research Desk. Research the sink to get a Wash Basin (no other sink will work) and research the wash basin to get a Dishwasher. However the dishwasher is pricey and may not be as much of a benefit as other sinks in every circumstance. Category:Games")

25 September 2022

N    13:01  Return to Monkey Island diffhist +428 Ahobday talk contribs (Created page with "* As usual in Monkey Island games, you can't die* or put yourself in a position where you can't complete the game. Experiment with items and dialogue to your heart's content. * Unlike earlier installments, sometimes you'll have to repeat the same action a few times to actually solve a puzzle. * There's no penalty or loss of achievements for using the hint system (once it appears) * Double click to run. Category:Games")